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Just got back home from a round-trip to Chillicothe, OH.

Approx. 150 mile round trip, 53.3 MPG of just about every driving dynamic you can imagine (excluding stop-n-go traffic).

I scored 53.3 MPG according to the computer by the time I parked (maxed at 53.6 or something). On the way home I kept going from 49.9 to 50.0 and back ... over and over for about ten minutes. What a pain in the ***, I was fighting it. haha

On the way there I really tore up the back-roads to Gallipolis, OH so the 53.3 MPG figure is pretty impressive for me, anyway.

EDIT: Here's a travel pic I took at Chillicothe at the Tim Horton's there:

One more with a peculiar purple camera artifact:

Just look at'em. That's one happy car. Hence, "HAPPY." That's the name of my I2.
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