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The other day I took a piece of semi rigid clear PVC sheeting, cut it to a slightly larger size than the lower opening on the front air dam/ bumper and taped it to the bumper with clear packing tape. I used the existing two license plate mounting screws to secure the piece on the outside of the bumper.

Then I went out on the road and tested it. I reset the mpg computer and I then drove it at a very carefully controlled speed of 65 mph for 10 miles. My mpg was 64 mpg.

At this point I pulled over. removed the piece drove back to the same starting point and repeated the test in the same direction. New average mpg was 58 mpg.

I really feel this improvement is real, due to drag reduction. I've driven the car in 90 degree heat and I notice no cooling issues. It looks a bit nasty with the tape and all, but based on this test, I plan to fill the lower opening in with foam and then add fiberglass / paint to make it look close to factory.

Any thoughts on this mod?
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