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Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster. Can you please help me?

Vehicle: 2000 Honda Insight
Background: Car was running fine until cold weather hit. My old 12V battery died - either because of or related to the current problem. Replaced 12V battery, and the 7.5 Amp fuse (labeled METER on the fuse diagram) appears to have blown. When it is blown, the speedometer stays at zero, odometer does not work, and IMA and 12V batteries tend to not charge (though assist works if there is enough juice in the IMA). If you drive it long enough after the fuse blows, eventually the electronics flicker and turn off, and the car loses power. When you replace the fuse, everything works again until the same fuse blows again.

I have codes:
Vehicle Speed Sensor A
-Speed sensor works with a new fuse, so guessing this code tripped after the fuse blew.

Electrical Load Detector (ELD) Voltage High
-no idea what this means. According to my mechanic, this code clears after a code reset and new fuse.

Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2
-My mechanic advised me this is probably not a huge issue as once the Oxygen Sensor heats up it is fine. Seems this was a code I had prior to the current problem.

Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
Bank 1 (PENDING)
-unclear what this means

The fuse seems to blow regardless of how much is drawn through using the radio, lights, heater, etc...

Seems I have a short somewhere. What do you think? Is there a common location to check first? The car is from Minnesota, so it is possible road salt corroded something.

Seems there are a lot of mechanics but none near me "specialize" in Insights. Goal here is to not bring it into the local Honda dealer, as their price seems to be 3-4x other mechanics. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Check the ground straps on the engine and the battery ground where it meets the firewall.
They tend to corrode and break especially in the salt belt.

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I would replace the fuse and then disconnect the speed sensor to see if the fuse blows again. How long can you run on a new fuse before it blows? You'll get a code for the speed sensor because it is disconnected but the purpose of this is to see if it blows the fuse again. If the fuse blows then the sensor is probably okay and you have a short in the wiring harness or connector. If the fuse doesn't blow then it is probably the speed sensor shorted internally.

P1298, I'm guessing this is related to the fuse blowing. Find out what is causing that first and see if it clears up this code also.

Not sure on the CAT codes without some more research.
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