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Reset trip A in my driveway. Drove to work in the morning, returned in the late afternoon. 102 miles. ~65 to 70 degrees. Tires at 38/35 psi. speeds between 40 and 55 mph. Mostly open non-stop driving between destinations. FCD read 86.9 when I pulled back in my driveway at the end of the day.

It's not really hard to get this kind of mileage when the conditions are right, and if we're willing to drive slow. I didn't do any drafting or pulse and glide. Just no A/C and driving slow. I also have Premium gas in the tank, though I don't know if it made any difference or not.

It'll be rare for me to get this kind of mileage because I'm generally driving a lot faster and I enjoy my A/C when it gets warmer out. It just happened to be cool enough today that the car was comfortable with the vent.
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