Starting my hunt for a gen 1 that's essentially turnkey. If that even exists anymore...

Been looking for months on typical car search sites but I've found that nice examples get scooped up so fast I don't even get a chance to speak with a sales rep. And the dealer experience is not my preferred route to go about this..

I would be a first time Gen1 owner.
I've flipped plenty of old Hondas before but they were the 80s and 90s civics, Del sols, and Preludes.
And I think the Insight will be one of the last old Hondas I get.
And I don't think I'll have the patience like most of you on here to chase leaks, electrical problems, broken trim pieces, suspension wear, and more.

So I'm looking for someone who has a good one that's been sorted out that I can essentially start dailying immediately.

I run a calibration company for cars with ADAS and I'll be doing tons of running around town to shops. I may visit 5 shops in a single day so I wanna use the Insight for it's purpose. Get me point A to point B and get the HYPERMILES. Of course, I'll do the maintenance it needs without any hesitation. But I've always dug myself too deep into my previous projects cuz I like them looking good and mechanically sorted out well... Especially when the car isn't worth it 🙄 And I don't want to adopt another project! This one needs to be ready to go!!

Tonight I've reached out to some of my own dealer connections to start scouring auction sites as well for one that may fit the bill.

Looking for:
- Well garaged. No rust. Lack of major sun fading on paint and interior plastics/fabrics.
(Original paint preferred)
  • CVT (Preferred, unless they're absolute dumpster fires)
  • Less owners on title the better.
  • Consistent maintenance paperwork from reputable shops. Honda dealership maintenance would be a guilty pleasure for me to see.
  • Recent new IMA battery. (I don't want it failing on me the first summer I do in Phoenix)
  • Sorted out suspension
  • Low-ish miles? (If it's clean and well taken care of, I'm a little less concerned)
  • Working A/C

If this is too much to ask nowadays for these gen 1's, I UNDERSTAND. But a man can dream right? And if it's clean and turn key point A-to-B reliability, that's worth a lot to me... Perhaps more than 8k...

Let's see what you all have!!