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A/C Filter

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No Helms manual, yet. How do I change the a/c filter?
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I'll do my best to describe it.. First if you don't have the filter they should actually stock it at your local Honda dealer. It is the same one they use in the CRV. The glove box has to come out, then there is a plastic bar you have to cut off and then there is a bar across the front of it you have to unbolt. The bar is the worst part, getting it back in specifically, I pulled half of the dash piece in front of the radio off in order to get my fingers up in there to get the bolts to go in to the threads again. Once the bar is out of the way the cover for the filter just pops out. You might want to put a towel down as you'll find some dirt is just going to fall out of the thing.
I suggest getting a ste of metric wrenches. No room to get a nut-driver in there!

I don't need to do this yet, but you say there is a plastic bar you have to cut?
Yeah, it's at the bottom of where the glove box sits and in front of the metal bar you have to remove to get to the filter. I have done this to an Insight that had already had the filter replaced once, but I plan on doing mine for the first time here soon enough. In fact I already have the filter I just need to go do it. I think you'll be amazed at how much gunk that filter catches.

I don't understand--if the filter had been replaced once without cutting the plastic bar you mention, why would you ever cut it? Is it a shortcut? Is there a downside to cutting it?
No, it had already been cut off when I pulled it apart so I haven't actually first hand had to do this yet.
I changed my A/C filter last year and remember removing the glove box and metal cross bar below the glove box but didn't cut any plastic. I think I would remember that. I rarely use the A/C or even the power vents (Trying to keep the FCD soaring) but the filter was full of pollen from just the natural circulation. The 30 something price on the filter seamed high so I bought one for the next change off E-bay. I am going to wait for the end of the pollen before changing this time. Have fun, Rick
Rick Reece said:
I changed my A/C filter last year and remember removing the glove box and metal cross bar below the glove box but didn't cut any plastic.

I trust that you would remember cutting the bar, it hurt me as much as my car when I did it :cool: But maybe somebody else had cut it for you already. Did you have any dealer service on your AC? Or maybe you had dealer installed AC and not factory installed?


the bar is only needed for molding and installing the dashboard. It gives it strength when it's being handled before mounting in the car. Once the dashboard is fastened in place, this brace has no purpose. Especially since there is a metal bracket just behind it. So don't worry about cutting it. There is a perforation on both ends of the bar, so you'll know where to make the incision!

Oh, and keep a vacuum with a long, pointy nozzle handy. Lot's of leaves and dead bugs and such in there...
When I got that car I had no idea of it's back ground. All I knew was it had 33,000 miles on it and I assumed it was on it's origonal filter so I bought it another one. Well I saw that bar not there and still decided to go on, which I'm glad I did because it smelled like a smoker had been in the car, just not smoked in there and the residual smell had somewhat collected on the filter (those things trap a lot). Between replacing that and spraying the fabric with odor eliminator three days later the smell was gone permanently. That car I have since sold, but after seeing how black that filter was I decided I was going to replace the one in my car, even at only 13,000 miles (it might be a few thousand till I get to it, but all well). Actually now that you mention it my car has dealer installed air, and looking at pictures I took of my stereo install no bar to cut. All well.
same as what year crv

ok, what specific crv filter. Do you have a year. I am going to try and get it from autozone instead of Honda.

The bar has to be cut to remove the filter. It is part of the procedure. If this bar isn't cut the filter was never changed. When the car was built the filter was installed from a different angle. The Helm's manual says to cut this bar, the bar was designed to be cut to get the filter out this way. So you wouldn't be taking a short cut or cutting something that wasn't suppose to be cut.

Why did they do it this way....only Honda knows.
Ohh boy, not sure to be honest. My guy at the local Honda dealership just mentioned that the only reason they had that filter in stock was because it was the same cabin filter used in CRV's. I just picked up a Honda one for $25 with my discount. As far as the year, I'd say probably the newest range of years. Anyway your lucky I have a brand new one here that I haven't installed yet. It's Honda part number 80291-ST3-505.. made in Germany..hmm. It measures 7 3/4" X 8 3/4 X 1 3/16" thick so you should be able to find the appropriate filter by that. Let me know if you can find one elsewhere than a Honda dealership.

Looked up a 2001 CRV 2wd on and they have a part listed for the cabin air filter 042-2009. 21.99

I am going to go up and check it out some time soon because I need new wiper blades too. I am over due for the filter. I looked at it and it still looks ok, but they are doing alot of construction where I work , and my insight gets dusty. So I want to make sure I change both air filters often.

none in stock. They can order. I am trying parts america next.

partsamerica/advance auto parts has it.

ok parts america had it. I looked it up online and it did not show a part, but the computer in the store found a part number. I ordered it yesday, they said they would have it the next morning by opening time. It was 21.99. I will get the exact part number when I pick it up today and post it here.

CF8249 - CABIN AIR FILTER - Fram $21.99
C35402 - Purolator - $21.99 Instructions were for a 97-01 CRV. kinda funny.
Thats not really a whole lot of a difference over a Honda one. Like I said I walked in to my Honda dealer and I think $23 later I walked out with the filter.
cabin air filter change

I just picked up a cabin air filter at the dealer - the best price I could get was $30.00 plus tax. I'm sure I'll buy aftermarket next time if the filter looks decent. Those of you who can get stuff cheaper from the dealer are fortunate (maybe you could get parts for us?).

My experience with the cabin air filter was a little better than with the oil & filter change. The plastic bar was removed, but it looked like it had been ripped out or knocked out with a hammer! The removable metal bar had also been slightly bent - so much for taking the car to the dealer! If you're counting on the technician at the dealer to do everything right after you drop the car off or while you lounge in the waiting room - don't.

I was surprised at how filthy the filter was - I guess it'll need changing every 15,000 - the ratchet wrench (Gear wrench) sure makes it easy to get at the screws for the metal bar.
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