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Just a general comment: The manual gets significantly better milage than the CVT Insight. The CVT seems better for hilly terrain or using cruise control. This is a ball park estimate but the mpg for the manual is about 15-20% better.

1) It turns out the airbag on the passenger side can be disabled - correction. See next post.
2) Someone has installed a cruise control on the CVT (automatic) Insight and says it help get better milage. Don't know, but the manual Insight would probably not work that well with a cruise control.
3) The Insight has not changed significantly since it's introduction. Honda has changed the colors and factory stereo, but that's about it.
4) The storage is about half of a CRX - enough for groceries.
5) The Insight does well in the crash tests. While the size and weight is a concern, the head-on collision I had it glanced and bounced. The several I had were not enough to damage the main body or chassie. Most of my collisions were from the rear. In fact I have had six involving another vehicles in my life time - four of them were from the rear. I think avoiding silver is a safer idea, as most of my collisions were sunset or dawn. Will M had a pretty bad collision but he was OK and got another Insight. While the Insight is not a Volvo, I feel safe enough.
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