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Hi guys,

I'm on the waiting list for a new 2004 Prius, but have been considering a used Insight instead.

A few questions:

1) Can the right front passenger airbag be disabled? Hopefully this is with a factory switch so the airbag can be turned on at any time...I really wouldn't want to permanenty disable the airbag.

I have a 5-year-old who would need to ride with me quite a bit in the Insight.

2) Is it easy to install an aftermarket cruise control? I'd have a hard time living without cruise on my daily commute.

3) I'm looking used...did the car have any upgrades over the couple years it's been out? Is there a particular model year that would be a better choice (not including new).

4) How much storage is in the back? Can I go shopping and throw a few bags of groceries back there? Or do you guys wind up using the right front seat for most of that kind of stuff?

5) Has the car been crash tested? What kind of ratings did it get?

Thanks a MILLION for taking time to answer what must be very common questions.
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