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I have the luxury of two UK insights and the ScangaugeII tool. The wife's car has been suffering in the recent cold weather with poor mileage and cabin heating. Thermostat I hear you cry!

I plug Scangague into my car, shows about 90C when fully warmed.

Wife's car shows 65C and top of radiator and top rad hose are hot, indicating stat is open :(

I'll order a new one and replace it. I'll post a few photos later.

Onto my questions, I did search the forum first!

1) What temperature is the stat supposed to open/close? Looks like about 90C+ to me.

2) What is it's Honda Part Number?

3) Ditto the housing gasket?

4) Do you need to order the gasket seperately or does it come with the stat?

5) Any other bits needed to replace the stat?



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1) Self answered. ;)

One of several.
Give a man a fish and you've fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you've fed him a lifetime. - ancient Chinese Proverb.

3) Ditto on the proverb

4) see #2

5) Replace the coolant with a non silicate type corrosion inhibitor antifreeze. AVOID GM's DexCool and cloned types (if its still available). Google is your friend.

For the trivial cost difference I use Honda Type II long life coolant (60K US mile "severe" change intervals)

Your welcome :!: :)
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