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So over the weekend I had a chance to check on things that might be lowering my MPG. And today I got the data back.

And after fixing a few things my MPG has increased from about 48 to now 57. Although I was trying harder than normal. But the car goes into lean burn a lot easier and wants to stay there now.

Here is what I fixed.

-Rear brake slight drag on left side. Re-centered shoes and re-adjusted the star wheel for no drag. Right side was already drag free.

-Rear wheels had oxidized which gave the wheels a bad run out (side to side shimmy) while you watched them rotate. Cleaned and are now almost perfect to the eye.

-put a bottle of gumout regane complete fuel system cleaner that says for 21 gal in about 7 gal of gas.

Also I just fixed my EVAP but my MPG does not include that yet. The purge solenoid next to the air filter was rusted on the inside and would not open. I took it apart (bent the four prongs) and cleaned it. Works great now. I suspect my MPG will now go up a few points due to reclaiming the "free" fuel vapors.
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