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Jeff W. from the Allentown PA area purchased a red 2000 MT Insight with 160K miles from a dealer for $4700. The car is immaculate and looks brand new. One month later, he threw P1449 errors, so he brought it to me and left the car with me for three weeks.

I fixed his battery (three bad sticks) and took it for a test drive where I noted that his clutch was really tight and engine was quite strong. In the 350 miles he had driven it, he averaged 55mpg. I managed 92 on a 5 mile highway-only loop at 50 mph.

He came and picked it up today and sent me an email (and gave me permission to post it here.

This is the mpg parked, in my driveway. This one took some dedication, but I think it payed off. I felt the threshold at ~94. I'm very satisfied and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
He attached this picture:

That's pretty good for an Insight novice (less than 500 miles driven).
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