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I would like to express my deepest sincerest Thanks to a number of people who regularly post on this site.

Number one, Peter who completely selflessly spent a cold January day in Yorkshire helping a enthusiastic but nonetheless pretty clueless me install three mods to his pride and joy Rufio. One of which is his own design BCM gauge which I can say is excellent.

My car now has MIMA 152P (i think that the P is for Plug and play), so my second thanks goes out to Mike Dabrowski for coming up with this relatively easy to install but actually very complex piece of magically electro-wizardry. On a good motorway run I'm hitting low 80MPG on the stock car so ill see what I can do once I have relearnt how to actually drive using MIMA. I will say it makes me feel like I have to start thinking differently again.

And the last person to thank is Art Wilbur who built me one of Mike's designs, a low cost charger. Unfortunately a part broke in shipping so this is yet to function fully though I am 100% convinced it will and that Art's responses to emails have been immediate, superbly helpful and mean that my insight will be a PHEV before the month is out.

About the day.
I got up at 5am had a good two poached eggs and bacon sarny breakfast, drove the 2hours up to Yorkshire from South Manchester and met with a smiling Peter already busy at 8.30am inside his home garage. Seeing his steering wheel MIMA interface first hand I can say its the way to go.

The rise up to the garage was sheet ice which made it difficult to walk up to it never mind drive. Peter convinced me to have a go but after bottling it twice I think it was better for a seasoned pro to reverse the car in. I was more scared of hitting Peter's blue insight rather than mine.

I don't know what temperature it actually was and I am quite used to cold since I love the mountains for my snowboarding and skiing but if you stood around not moving your feet would go numb. This was with two pairs of socks and electric warming insoles (what a fantastic idea). Anyway I didn't have to worry too much since I think for most of the morning both Peter and I were working non-stop. I feel like I know the car so much better for having taken off so many panels and linings. Thankfully Honda use about 3 different bolts in the whole car so the car is remarkably simple to strip down to parts.

First install Peter did was the charger so unfortunately this was frustrating to not have outputting enough volts but as he said "these things are sent to test us". Plus points on this were that at least when it is fixed the wire is there for a truly plug and play experience. And it operates the battery fan seamlessly. I had my laptop setup to see Art's video to help with the install and that was pretty useful. Better closeups on the wire connections would have been a plus but altogether quite well explained.

Second install was the MIMA, For this we took both seats out and sat them by the car. This is really beneficial in fact everyone who does a MIMA install would find it a hugely useful thing to do to allow you to work more freely in some of the stupidly tight spots i.e. installing the ECM connector in the passenger foot well. You don't have to take the seat belts off the seats either just sit them outside the car. Found a two pound coin under my seat, which was nice.
Even managed to avoid cutting the central lining behind the gear stick cowling which we were advised to do. You do have to snap off a piece of metal but there will always be some compromises and you don't see it and perhaps less weight more MPG. (defo not serious here).

In the manual for the install it says install both joysticks at the same time but we gambled one just doing the one. Sorry Mike but don't agree with mounting the joystick on the gear knob but I can see why it would be a good place for functionality just aesthetically unpleasant in my opinion. Instead it is upside down on the cowling by the base of the gear stick such that you could rest your hand on the handbrake and operate it with your forefinger up (regen) and thumb down (go)

There were no hitches at all with the MIMA at all and this is consequence of a) Mike's dedication and experience in checking all the gear and calibrating the kit prior to dispatch. Plus very well documented instructions on his website.

b) Peter's optimism and vast knowledge about these cars.

c) having a whole day to do the install, Don't try and rush this as you will most likely making a mistake and end up regretting it.

Lastly Peter installed the BCM gauge which now takes pride of place in the space just below the radio. My next job is to make a new face to the panel but for now it is nicely wedged in place.

Unfortunately in my haste I took no pictures of the install but may add some of the BCM and in car setup of MIMA later (but I'm guessing these will be little different from anyone else's)

In conclusion I am very happy and feel a serious debt of gratitude for those mentioned.

Any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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Take some Pictures please

Thanks for the write up. Please post some pictures, especially of the MIMA installed.
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