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a hundred degrees record mpg

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maybe not hot like Phoenix, but very hot for me, no A/C windows down at 2pm and windows down at midnight. actually quite nice at midnight with the turbulent air . 85.7 mpg over 44 mile, with a 74.5 mpg over 558 miles

03 slvr mt
brft drvr
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It was a bit too hot (relatively speaking) here yesterday, I was out in the early afternoon for some crazy reason and even with the AC blowing I still averaged in the mid 60's. And that was after being stopped in traffic for over 5 minutes (engine running) after just getting in my car and if I turned off the AC it was like a furnace inside. On the way back home I turned off the AC since it was cooling down and was getting 75-100+ MPG for much of the ride.

I wasn't going for mileage on this trip but I should have tried. I did notice last time we had some heat I got great mileage though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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