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a hundred degrees record mpg

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maybe not hot like Phoenix, but very hot for me, no A/C windows down at 2pm and windows down at midnight. actually quite nice at midnight with the turbulent air . 85.7 mpg over 44 mile, with a 74.5 mpg over 558 miles

03 slvr mt
brft drvr
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Opposite experience here, I was in Boston (the heat, my God the heat!) and got to enjoy the simultaneous drag on the engine of A/C (ECON on) and a recal. I had to change my shifting pattern drastically as I couldn't count on low RPM boost from the IMA anymore and my return trip MPG was in the low 60's (going in it was in the high 80's).

That "stuck" 150 mpg sounds bogus to me, others have reported problems with the MPG readout "sticking" in that manner. An obvious check would be to switch to metric. If you are burning gas yet reading 0 L/100 km consumption you know that the readout is simply messed up. Sounds like you got it working again though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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