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a hundred degrees record mpg

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maybe not hot like Phoenix, but very hot for me, no A/C windows down at 2pm and windows down at midnight. actually quite nice at midnight with the turbulent air . 85.7 mpg over 44 mile, with a 74.5 mpg over 558 miles

03 slvr mt
brft drvr
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Yeaterday I gassed up for the first time since May 20, 1021.8 miles. 12.3 gals. The car said 87.6 MPG My calculator said 83.07MPG. That is a 5% diff. I don't trust a calculators results after a one tank average because there are too many variables, such as gas filler length, pressure, temprature, etc. Driving home from the station the temp was 110, no A/C, window down 4 inches, driving very careful the current MPG seamed "stuck" on 150. It stayed that way untill I got into stop and go traffic. When I got home it was down to 130.8 MPG after 16.8 miles. That didn't sound right so I checked the accuracy of my trip A 14194 miles and Trip B 38206 miles. Trip A car = 78.4, calculator =75.96. 3% diff. Trip B car =76.8, calculator =74.095. 3.5% diff.
I get better milage in the heat too. Maybe it's the summer gas and or better atomization.
I don't know how accurate 130.8 is but it's fun to brag about.
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An easy way to check if it actually is stuck is simply push on the gas, if the insantaneous milage goes down, it's not stuck.
I have had it really stick at 150 twice before. Nothing I did would move the instantaneous bar. I finally turned the ignition off and back on and that fixed the stuck bar.
The winter gas season is from October through March. When I gased up on April 20, I was hoping that all the winter gas was gone. I got my personal best one tank mileage of 91.1 on that fillup. I think you can count on about a 5% loss on winter gas.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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