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Nikkei newspaper web site report that Honda is working on a new hybrid. It will be hybrid exclusive model (not Fit hybrid). This new hybrid will set the price lower than Civic Hybrid. Honda plan to introduce it in 2009 and sell 200,000 worldwide (100k in US 50k in Japan 50k in rest of world).

This is based on Honda's president Fukui's press release. Detail is here in Japanese.

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【ホンダ会見】 「ハイブリッドの専用車を開発中」 福井威夫社長(5/17)
















[5月17日/インターネット総部 神垣さやか]

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I saw the same stuff...

This was a cut and paste from the AP:

"Honda also announced Wednesday it will begin selling vehicles powered by a new diesel engine in North America within three years. The four-cylinder engine, designed to power the mid-size Accord, will be ultra fuel-efficient and will meet the most stringent U.S. pollution standards, Kobayashi said.

And coming in 2009 will be a new hybrid-powered car expected to sell 100,000 units a year in North America. Produced in Japan, it will be priced below the current Civic Hybrid, which retails at about $26,000."

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