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You can't put the turbo from that car onto our cars, it's too small. If you look up my turbo thread, you will see the difference between the turbo that's used on this car and the turbo I'm currently running. The difference isn't massive, but it's enough that the turbo can't breath properly. A big reason the Kei car turbos are so small is a couple of reasons. Number one, they are power limited, so they want to reach that power limit at the lowest possible RPM to increase drivability. I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet it makes the power they are limited to at less than 2000rpm, and then holds that power all the way to redline. Secondly, the engine is small, so if they ran a bigger turbo, it would just increase turbo lag for no reason, because once again, they are power limited.

[Edit]: I did run a kei car sized turbo on my car, it worked but not well is the TLDR.
My stock 660cc turbo kei makes full boost at 2k rpm. Peak power around 6-7k. Upgraded bolt on turbo (HT07) makes full boost around 4 and peak power around 8-9k. TD04 turbo is around 6k full boost and 10-11k peak power. But this is with a 660cc 3cyl. Just saying.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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