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About the New Forum F.A.Q. Sheets

Hi everyone,

We have been planning to launch a F.A.Q. section in order to deal with common Insight-related issues and the recent wave of posts that duplicate previously answered questions. Ricky Suiter's offer to write a summary of the Climate Control features came at just the right time and will serve as the first F.A.Q. Sheet.

Please see bellow for further details on this new feature. Thanks!
The Team


Who can write a F.A.Q. Sheet?
Any registered user, after obtaining a moderator's approval.

What topics can be discussed?
Pretty much any Insight-related question can be answered in a F.A.Q. Sheet. The general rule is that the issues being discussed have been of repeated interest to the Online Forum community. Topics usually deal with usability and offer practical tips but any subject of sufficient interest to the forum members is welcome.

How do I submit a F.A.Q. Sheet?
Before writing your F.A.Q., email or PM a moderator requesting approval. Once you receive approval, send the completed, formatted, F.A.Q. Sheet to the moderator via PM. The text will be reviewed for accuracy and should be posted within 72 hours.

Will I be given credit for writing a F.A.Q. Sheet?
Absolutely. Unless you request otherwise, we will post your user name in the F.A.Q. heading area. Please note that we may edit your post for accuracy and to correct any spelling or other errors.

If you have further questions, please contact one of the moderators.
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