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My 2000 Insight was broadsided on the passenger side by a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Passenger side a mess, but they said it is fixable and no one seriously hurt. My question is, what about the batteries? Has anyone had experience. Should I ask the body shop to pull up the plate and take a look at them, or should I go to my dealer and have them checked? Perhaps it is not necessary at all to check them since they are on the opposite side?
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trunkout said:
expect to wait a while....i waited six months....with three additional fix it months.....
That's hard to believe :shock: I've had three collisions with deer,(almost got number four this morning), just body damage, and the longest I waited was about ten days, the last time only a couple of days. Of course you may have had more extensive damage than me.
trunkout said:
i take it you had no frame damage or IMA component failures after your repair(s)! :roll:
No frame damage or IMA problems, just body damage. I was lucky and didn't hit any of the deer directly head-on. Two actually ran into the side of my car in exactly the same place :? I think they are attracted to my driver side mirror :( Still, even with frame damage and IMA problems, waiting nine months is ridiculous :!:
trunkout: Just curious where you are. I want to stay away from the Honda dealerships in your area.
Insightful Trekker said:
trunkout has reported KCMO in other threads. My read, Kansas City, MO. Too far from home to be a concern for either of us Bill :!: :)
You never know where you might be traveling to. I drove thru KC last year. It's always nice to know which dealers to avoid in case you have car trouble :wink:
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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