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Accident Advice

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My 2000 Insight was broadsided on the passenger side by a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Passenger side a mess, but they said it is fixable and no one seriously hurt. My question is, what about the batteries? Has anyone had experience. Should I ask the body shop to pull up the plate and take a look at them, or should I go to my dealer and have them checked? Perhaps it is not necessary at all to check them since they are on the opposite side?
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See what the insurance company will do for getting mechanics and body shops to look at the car, I should have done that because I'm worried that my current CEL light might have been caused by the read-end accident I had three months ago and I already got my repairs completed (battery pack was safe im my accident). I'm not sure exactly what my rights are now if the mechanical damage can be traced to the accident.
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