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I don't know if it was due to it being a holiday or just luck, but I saw lots of Insights this weekend.

The first one was at the Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Races. I parked across from a blue Insight. I also saw Camee Edelbrock there but that's a different story. The next day I'm at the book store and I come out to my surprise to see a green/yellow Insight parked next to me. I was going to leave a note to say "HI" but I couldn't find my darn pen. :( I knew they must be an avid insight owner cos they had 70mpg on the licence plate frame and the Insight was nice and shiney. Also, the place I parked wasn't a normally used area for parking, so I'm pretty sure they parked next to me on purpose. :wink: I need to start thinking about that Seattle area get together again. Happy 4th. :D
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