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After a week of driving in all possible conditions (slow/fast/straigth/curved/flat/bumpy roads) I have found that before the modifications, the car bottomed out more than I originally though. I thought that the suspension was hard but it was the effect of the marginal wheel travel.

I now ride on rough roads and hear the tire bump sound but without the physical effect of the bump (like a normal car)

I have added a side view picture of my car (note that I have put my winter tires/rims today). I wanted to show that an inch is not much in reality and is almost hard to see or feel.
It makes a lot of difference in the ride quality. At: ... e_inch.jpg
(will remove the file in a week or two)

Original installation of the spacer picture is at: ... arlift.jpg
The spacer was made from a 1x6 floor porch/deck plastic replacement to wood bought at a home renovation store.

I am a very Happy camper.

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