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There is another option, albeit spendy. I have run ultra/super capacitors in the past as a direct battery replacement. Even managed to start an old cummins 5.9 with just the 6pack of 350F caps (58.8 while in series of 6)

My new pack is 6x 3000F caps, so around 500F while in series.

This was the plan, due to adding the small 6pack to the Insight and having SIGNIFICANTLY longer 12v voltage stability when the DC/DC converter is off (due to whatever whim of the ecu or whatnot).

So I suggest a seperate 12v power inverter running off the stock battery and a cap pack. Install the cap-pack and your new 12v-110/120v inverter in the rear, right off the 12v converter of the car.

super/ultra capacitors really dont like to waste any power they see. And you get significantl;y smoother 12v operations as a result of having them.

Heck, my cap pack has been working so well, that when I eventually switch it out for the larger one, I may re-pin the green/white wire that controls the efficiency behavior of the car's converter, jsut to get that little extra mileage.

The cap-pack actually provided a small but noticable gas mileage increase, simply due to the 12v side of things maintaining higher voltage.

Higher voltage means the fuel injectors are firing stronger, sensors have stronger reference votlages, and the ecu is seeing FAR less voltage ripple, if any, reducing electrical noise at levels we dont notice anyways as humans, well, without special equipment.

The 6pack ultra caps I use (6x 350f) is sold as a kit for $150. I bought it back when it was only $110, but I beleive the components they soruce for the circuit board (has balance circuitry) have been inflated with tarrif's over the last year or so, plus the human malware floating around.
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