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Hello, I'm considering purchasing a used 2000 Insight and am wondering if anyone has any advice / feedback. Here's the info on the car:
Miles: 53,700
Lifetime mpg: 58.5
Manual transmission
Price: $7900
No Maintenance records available, no warranty
1 owner, now being sold by an independent licensed auto seller who bought it from a dealership at an auction (presumably the dealership got it as a tradein)
clean CARFAX (no evidence of accidents etc)
VIN: JHMZE1373YT005466
Check Engine Light is on. Owner says he can get it to go off by disconnecting some wires from the battery, then reconnecting; sometimes it goes on again, sometimes not. I don't know what the codes are on the CEL, but I plan on taking it to a mechanic to have it checked out.
I test drove it and it seemed a bit sluggish going up hills unless I was in 2nd or 3rd gear, and it didn't seem to want to go above 75 on the highway (except going downhill). Not sure if this is normal as I'd never driven an Insight before. The car appears to be in excellent condition otherwise.
The price seems good compared to suggested prices on, but I'm wondering if there's any catch?
How concerned should I be about the Check Engine Light?
Any advice?

Thanks much.


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The drive does not seem ok. You seem not to have all the power it usually has. It can go faster than this (unless you had a 50mph head wind)

The CEL can by anything from the oxygen censor to a gas cap that is not well screwed. You need to bring it to a Honda dealer. Let them check that all recals have been done.
You need to know what that CEL is BEFORE purchasing the car.

A bad O2 sensor could do less power and less MPG


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Sounds like it's having the false O2 sensor cel that plagued some of the 00 models. I'm assuming they would not know if the ECM has been replaced (it's an active recall). It's supposed to fix that. Honda procedure states they are supposed to punch a period above the VIN number on the firewall when the recall has been done. If that is there which means the computer has been replaced I would be scared, but if the recall hasn't been done there's at least a chance that the ECM update will fix that.

Best way to tell, take the vin to the service dept of your local Honda dealership and explain how your looking to buy this car and you would like to know if the ECM (engine control module) recall has been done. No promises, but it *could* fix the CEL. Their explanation of disconnecting the battery is probably true, but if the light comes back on after one try there's a problem.

As far as hill climbing having to use lower gears is typical, but you should be able to maintain 75 on level freeway, downshifting to maintain speed on hills. There could be a problem with the car though causing reduced performance since the CEL is on.

BTW, you might be able to talk them down on the price, I'd use the CEL as a point there.

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Thanks for the feedback. Based on that, i agreed with the seller (a used car dealer) to buy the car for $7700, contingent on the CEL being checked out at a dealer and not having any problems. i was going to take it to the dealer today, called the seller to arrange picking it up, and lo and behold, he had sold it to someone else, despite our agreement and the $200 deposit i'd given him. apparently this other person made a better offer. i guess that's why used car dealers are considered dishonest snakes.

fyi, the seller was Patrick Lonergan :evil: , of Surefire Motors in Lakewood, CO.

Oh well, I'll keep looking.

Hi Acw:

___An owner trying to sell an Insight with a CEL means it was probably a darn expensive fix … Battery or Cat’s more then likely? The 02 can be cleared rather easily and even a dealer will perform the task for $50.00 although the O2 sensor replacement cost ~ $270.00 under warranty. I just had one replaced and that is what they charged Honda supposedly?

___I am glad you passed on this one by choice or not. It just didn’t sound right is all … As Rick mentioned, something else will come along sooner then you think given you are actively looking now.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:3j2t4q5n][email protected][/email:3j2t4q5n]
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