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advice on changing oil at home

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I am a new owner of a 2000 Insight, and would like to change my own oil in an attempt to save some money. Does anyone have specific details on removing the shield to access the drain plug, the tools and wrench/socket sizes for the shield and plug, how tightly the filter and plug should be replaced, how much oil is needed (exactly 3 quarts?), and anything else I should know....
Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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figgy said:
I torque the drain plug with a new washer to 29 ft-lb as per the service manual. I haven't used teflon tape. No leaks, so I guess it is fine.
A couple of other members who followed the 29 ft lb found the threads failed prematurely. I'd recomend something lighter.

But BEWARE :!:

Obviously at some point too loose will allow the plug to fall out and your engine will be scrap metal in less that a mile if you drive with insufficent oil pressure.

I'm still keeping my "eye' out for a dial type torque wrench that I can borrow to measure how much force I've been using. I'd _estimate_ around 20 ft lbs. Nor have is seen a beam type accurate enough to meainingfully read in this low a range. And don't forget a new crushwasher on every change :!:

HTH! :)
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