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Advice on Purchasing a new Insight 2006

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I am new to this forum..but have been considering buying a new insight and need some advice. Manual or Automatic? which would get better MPG? I am looking at keeping the costs down..nothing fancy? Air conditioning is a must? Buying advice? Live in Indianapolis? Mainly highway driving to and from work..30 miles each way..I am open to any advice..thanks Dennis
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Hi tennisjunkie and welcome to the forum.

In addition to the other good replies a CVT by design will better manage the IMA batteries SoC (State of Charge). And in theory provide a longer battery service life. YMMV ;)

masscommuter said:
I drive a manual Insight -
it's hard to adapt from coasting to deceleration in gear,
If your not coasting in gear with a 5 spd your:

1) Wasting fuel. The injectors are turned off on decel and no throttle.
2) Missing regen opportunities.
Depending on the year model of your Jetta (and AFAIK it would also have to be MPI) there should also be a fuel-cut mode on decel. 0 fuel used vs an idle amount.

Given the other inefficiencies of 99% of all sub Insight cars I doubt you'd see an MPG difference, but its there :!: ;) And using the same technique will keep you on top of your "game" when swithcing back to the Insight.

HTH! :)
You've got the Insight technique down pat. :) I live in the Appalachain mountian chain too. ;)


Re-read my post. ;) I was referring to your Jetta which may have the same fuel cut mode when decelerating in gear (braking or not). But without regenerative braking the Jetta will not see the bigger MPG difference that the Insight is capeable of.

1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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