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Advice on Purchasing a new Insight 2006

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I am new to this forum..but have been considering buying a new insight and need some advice. Manual or Automatic? which would get better MPG? I am looking at keeping the costs down..nothing fancy? Air conditioning is a must? Buying advice? Live in Indianapolis? Mainly highway driving to and from work..30 miles each way..I am open to any advice..thanks Dennis
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get the CVT if...

I'm very pleased with my CVT. I drive carefully and slowly and am able to get around 60 mpg round trip on my commute. My lifetime MPG is 56.6 after 10,000 miles.

If you have to drive in heavy traffic with lots of stop and go, well, the CVT makes it easy.

If you have long trips with light to moderate traffic the 5 speed you can get better MPG, probably 75+ pretty easily.

I had a 5 speed before and my clutch foot used to burn so bad in the heavy southern CA traffic. Very happy with the CVT. Having the AC is nice, I usually only turn it on, on steep downhills on very hot days or else it takes away about 5 MPG.

I did purchase the extended warranty (120,000 miles) plus this package came with prepaid service at the dealer every 3500 miles and clearcoat + stain protection inside for about $3000. Its nice to pull into the Honda Care facility and just hand over a sticker for your oil changes.

I ordered Honda floor mats and also the Honda mat for the cargo bed. Very nice quality. I put my own Hawaian print seat covers on.

My friend is a Honda mechanic and he told me to change the CVT fluid 3 times as often as Honda says. He said the CVT is very expensive and keep the fluid like new at all times. Use ONLY Honda fluid. His words to me were "an Insight is a car for someone who likes gadgets".
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