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Advice on Purchasing a new Insight 2006

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I am new to this forum..but have been considering buying a new insight and need some advice. Manual or Automatic? which would get better MPG? I am looking at keeping the costs down..nothing fancy? Air conditioning is a must? Buying advice? Live in Indianapolis? Mainly highway driving to and from work..30 miles each way..I am open to any advice..thanks Dennis
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tennisjunkie, I got the 2006 manual insight primarily b/c I wanted a small manual transmission hybrid (the insight is the only manual hybrid car currently available). and I like being able to tell people that I bought the most efficient hybrid!

It was so hard to find a car that I took the first manual transmission insight that turned up, which had AC, no questions asked. I haven't had an opportunity to drive it in the summer, so I don't know how AC will affect gas mileage. I am not used to an AC car so I hopefully won't be using it much.

the manual insight does not qualify for the 2006 tax credit, so you might want to see how much tax credit you'd get for the CVT and figure out if that will influence your decision.

I got mine by calling lots of dealers and telling them what I wanted (manual insight, silver preferably but no red) and then harassing one until they came through with the car. I wouldn't recommend this method (it was a stressful, and a giant pain), but I did find one within 1 month. It helped that I told them I HAD to buy it by the end of 2005 b/c I wanted to get the old tax deduction.

reasons to get an insight and not a hybrid civic for me were: no manual transmission in civic, and extremely long wait time for the civic. it was easier to get an insight. YMMV, of course.
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Fred said:

Regarding the 2006 Federal Tax Credit, are you sure of that?

Also, if I may ask, I live in NE Pennsylvania and you're not all that far from me ... by chance did you purchase your Insight from a Pennsylvania dealer?

from the research I did it seemed to be the case - has a webpage that lays out a lot of estimated credit amounts, and they state this:
"By the way: Based on info currently available to ACEEE, the Honda Insight manual, as well as the upcoming Saturn VUE and Chevy Malibu hybrids, may not meet the necessary Bin 5 emissions levels required for the tax credit."

I think it's ridiculous! but it's one of the reasons why I rushed my purchase last year - I wanted a manual transmission hybrid, and the insight is the only model where it's offered.

I got my insight through a NJ dealer (Jersey City). It was a real hassle, I wouldn't recommend them!
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