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Advice on Purchasing a new Insight 2006

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I am new to this forum..but have been considering buying a new insight and need some advice. Manual or Automatic? which would get better MPG? I am looking at keeping the costs down..nothing fancy? Air conditioning is a must? Buying advice? Live in Indianapolis? Mainly highway driving to and from work..30 miles each way..I am open to any advice..thanks Dennis
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[the manual insight does not qualify for the 2006 tax credit, so you might want to see how much tax credit you'd get for the CVT and figure out if that will influence your decision.


Regarding the 2006 Federal Tax Credit, are you sure of that?

Also, if I may ask, I live in NE Pennsylvania and you're not all that far from me ... by chance did you purchase your Insight from a Pennsylvania dealer?

Re: Car Insurance costs for an Insight 06 model

About that mandated auto insurance ...

In Pennsylvania auto insurance rates vary by ZIP CODE.

Something to take into account/think about if you're planning to move within the "Commonwealth".

tennisjunkie said:
What is an estimate of car insurance rates for the Insight? :?:
Insurance rates vary widely from town to town. We moved 5 miles down the road and our insurance dropped, that is a question better asked to an insurance broker.
I saw that suggested/proposed Federal Tax Credit you reported on. It's a good bit more than I was expecting, not that I'd turn down a lesser amount either.

As for that NJ dealer, thanks for the tip. It's appreciated.

On this end I'll be picking mine up from a NY dealer on Monday AM and I look forward to the drive home; about a 100 mile trip, westbound on I-80.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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