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I have been reading a lot of posts on here. I haven't found the same issue yet so I thought that I'd ask.

I have a 2004 Honda Insight, original owner, and original miles. Fully maintained. New batteries with the last two years. I think V1, not positive (?) Automatic. NY state car - full four seasons.

Intermittently, at stop lights/stop signs after the Idle Stop engages the engine does not restart when the brake is released and gas is applied. I have moved the floor mat out of the way. I have to throw it into Neutral to knock it out of Idle Stop and then into Drive to get the engine to turn back on. Then I can move forward.

Of Note:
I am wondering I have wet seat belts which do mean rainwater is leaking down within the door jam. Recently fixed but has been an issue for years. I am curious if these two issues are connected just by water in the frame and this electrical (best guess) issue? > All thoughts welcome.

Does have anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue?
Is there something that I could search for as a solution by name?
Where would you start looking to diagnose this issue? A fuse? A thingy? A part?
I will share the error code if it pulls one next week.

All diagnostic thoughts ideas welcome!

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I occasionally have the same restart issue with my LTO conversion car. It seems I get the most reliable restart when I shift to neutral at last second rolling to a stop, then my car restarts immediately when I put it into first gear. Ah, re reading I see you have CVT so my techniques would differ.

I hope someone knowledgeable will speak to this.

IMO it wouldn't be related to the wet seatbelt issue since there is virtually no wiring in the B pillar. If you get an error code, that would help considerably.

I did a quick search (top of page) using the term "autostop restart," and got several promising looking past threads. I haven't read them all yet, so no immediate reaction. Go through the threads and see if you find anything.

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I'm vaguely - like really vaguely - recalling some weird issue caused by having a tail light out, maybe? And maybe that weird issue was auto-stop not restarting?? I can't really remember, but it'd be easy to check whether you have a tail light out... Since auto-stop responds in part to brake pedal position (on or off) - that's the potential connection here...

Other than that, I also recall some issue with one of the underdash fuses - I also can't remember exactly if that was an auto-stop problem. But, again, it'd be pretty easy to give the fuses in the underdash panel a once-over, make sure they're clean and of course none broken.

Oh yeah: Always good to check the 12V system grounds, two to right of/below airbox, one from 12V battery neg to firewall. Make sure they're in good condition. They corrode and break easily, bad grounds can cause a lot of weird issues on this car.
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