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Hey guys,

I took apart the Motor Drive Unit today, and what I saw inside was a very normal motor controller coupled with some not very normal things.

It appears there's a current clamp device on every phase. Probably to provide feedback to the motor controller so it can work it's magic.

I'm thinking of the posibility of using an aftermarket motor controller

I'm not so sure about the specifics of what I can or can not use. Can I just build a 96V lithium battery pack, and use a 96V controller?

The insight batt pack is 144V nominal, and the IMA can generate over 300V, am I right?

Do I have to choose a motor controller rated for a battery voltage higher than what the insight IMA motor can produce, i guess, is what I'm asking.

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Boy, this is a huge question. In short, yes, the IGBT driver is a semi-custom Mitsubishi part. The electronic box that plugs into it is a TTL logic to gate drive converter... basically it isolates the computer from the high voltage.

If you're going to use a custom driver, then basically all this stuff goes away... you'll just plug the three thick phase wires into whatever new controller you use. You'll also need to connect to the hall sensors, which plug into the MCM.

And no, there's no off-the-shelf solution for the G1 insight (yet). When the Linsight project is finished (no estimated release date, and certainly not anytime soon), that'll be exactly what you're asking for. Until then, if you want to do it yourself, search for the excel spreadsheet I uploaded (in the Linsight thread), which is a complete reverse-engineered pinout of the entire IMA bay... that'll tell you which wires to connect where.

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You can keep the entire MDM and DC-DC if you want.
I probably would, as it has the hardware, mounting, cooling, isolation,
and is set up to work with a pack from about 100v to 220V at upto 150A.
No point IMHO reinventing the wheel..

Just use a simple 3 phase bldc controller to drive it with
logic levels signals directly from a controller into the MDM inputs...

The 3 phase current sensors, MDM current sensor, and the commutation sensors all feed into the old stock MCM, which you will have removed.

You can use those sensors with your new controller if you want or not as the case may be.
The MDM won't care, it just drives the motor dependant on the signals you feed into it.
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