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I've googled this for hours and not able to find the answer. Im installing a Kenwood deck to replace the factory radio. I've installed many aftermarket stereos before. I'm hung up with a couple wires on this install. First of all the Kenwood deck has a P.Cont wire which is b/w and an ant. conn. wire which is solid blue. The metra wiring harness also has a b/w wire. Logic would say blue white wire to blue white wire. This would provide power to the vehicles factory amplifier. Does the 2010 insight have a factory amp. Its a 2010 ex 6 speaker no navigation. Next is the honda antenna adapter. It has a blue wire, from what Ive read the majority are stating to wire this to the Kenwoods b/w p conn wire. This would leave the metra wiring harness b/w wire not connected to anything.
Does this sound right. If that is correct, what do I do in the future when I want to install an external amplifier. The p conn b/w wire is suppose to be used as the remote turn on... but it is will be hooked to the antenna adpater. Kind of lost on this on. Can the b/w p. conn wire be hooked to both the external amp and the honda antenna adapter at the same time? Is it right that the ant cont. solid blue wire should not be used at all? Thanks in advance.

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No, no factory amp.

Blue is for antenna on insight. Can be used as an amp turn on wire.

Orange is illumination.

The radio fuse is like 7 amps, so I would run a wire to power an amp vs piggy back the radio one.
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