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I keep trying to find -anybody- else in Alberta with an Insight, but there seems to be no one. I wish there was someone who when they came up to my car asked what kind of mileage I get on it as opposed to asking me where I plug it in, where the solar panels are, or how often "my Daddy lets his little girl borrow his car"... There needs to be more young girl Insight owners as well as Albertan Insights :)
Still, I've only ever seen my own in person and it would be nice to hook up with some others in the area. Drop me a note if anyone's in the province.

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2004 New Blue Insight CVT

Hey there happy birthday Alberta. It might be worth celebrating if gas wasn't a $1.20 a litre. Just crossed over to the dark side, bought my first Japanese car this week and take delivery next week. While in Seattle to catch a Mariner's game I flipped through a stack of old Auto Trader type magazines looking for a Toyota Prius or Honda Insight for sale. I called a dealer on Monday morning, the one I saw was sold but they had new /old 2004 with 141 miles that Honda had been dragging around to auto shows.
I visited Klein Honda and 2 hours later I bought the vehicle. I pick it up next Tuesday night in Everett Washington.

Erik if you can find me a red 2004 or 2005 Honda insight I will happily sell you my Blue one. Our Smart car is a month old and we had intended to buy two but Mercedes Benz dealers aren't worth the hassle... so we will try a Honda Insight and see how it goes. I am looking for information on a cruise control for the Insight and a "pick it up" must check list. Anyone got any references?

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Michelle's Insight

Dear Michelle,

I have some digital pictures of your insight on the dealer's lot. If you are interested in them I can e-mail them to you.

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