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All-season tire performance?

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I just bought a new set of all-weather Federals, after finally getting around to replacing the originals at 59K. My 2001 Insight seems to be working harder & mileage doesn't seem as good. I'm happy with my 61 LMPG & want to keep that or improve. Is this performance typical of all-weather tires? What's the best bet on new tires? I've seen a number of posts recommending Sumitomos. NOTE: Just had a 60K maintenance check-up & wonder if there might be issues related to what service techs might have done or not done.
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Hi essaykay and welcome to the forum :!:

Yup, any tire other than the OEM Bridgestones are going to reduce MPG.

See the thread: ... 38&start=0

Otherfactors in the "mix" will be the circumference of the tire that will either increase or decrease the _apparent_ MPG. The distance traveled per revolution will be greater or less based on the distance _around_ the tire (circumference). The speedometer / odometer simply counts tire revolutions to calculate MPH / distance.

HTH! :)
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In choosing any tire than OEM for any car the best option is to match as closely as possible the circumference of the tires. A good tire sales person will know how to interpret the difference in the specifications. AFAI remember has some type of similar spec shown for the tires they sell.

Guillermo would probably know this stuff off the top of his head. But I'm too lazy right now to search the forum for one of his similar replies. ;)

HTH! :)
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