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All-season tire performance?

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I just bought a new set of all-weather Federals, after finally getting around to replacing the originals at 59K. My 2001 Insight seems to be working harder & mileage doesn't seem as good. I'm happy with my 61 LMPG & want to keep that or improve. Is this performance typical of all-weather tires? What's the best bet on new tires? I've seen a number of posts recommending Sumitomos. NOTE: Just had a 60K maintenance check-up & wonder if there might be issues related to what service techs might have done or not done.
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does anyone as comment for Nokian NRE 165-65-14 Thanks
Also, Nokian will come up with a new Environmentally friendly tire for spring 2006, you can see it following this link, ... NOKIAN+i3#
Nokian I3 are now available but only in 175-65-14,
How do you think it would compare to the RE-92
Would there be a significant loss in MPG
Please post comments.
Normand said:
Nokian I3 are now available but only in 175-65-14,
How do you think it would compare to the RE-92
Would there be a significant loss in MPG
Please post comments.
Last 2 years were on ES-100 and liked the handling of those.
With price of gas soring, i may decide to go with greener tires,
for now have to decide between Yoko ES-100, Nokian I3 175-65-14, Nokian NRH i 185-60-14, that may be a good compromize !
Also i just discovered Vredestein, they offer 165-65-14 and LLR, the model are the T-Trac and Quadra 2 in 185-55-14.
Comments please.
Guillermo, i agree with you the T1-R and ES-100, can you suggest something that will provide more comfort also, just out of the blues, what price can you get on T1-R's, thanks.
Thats pretty good Guillermo, why i haven't tought of that !!!
Thanks for the tip, i will give Carl a call.
Guillermo, is'nt 195 to wide for our small rim ???
I also was thinking of putting Nokian NRH 2, 185-60-14, good balance overall.
What would you think of this combo;
Goodyear - Eagle F1 GS-D3 195/50VR15 82V @ $129.95 CDN


Hankook - Ventus R-S2 195/50ZR15W 82W @ $106.95 CND

with wheels
OZ Racing - Ultraleggera Gold 15 x 7 4x100 37mm (Gold) @ $239.95 CDN ... eelID=6285

Konig - Helium Bronze 15 x 6.5 4x100 40mm (Bronze) @ $129.95 CND ... heelID=125

Is 15" too much ???

Tire choice was based on Car and Driver mega test
see here: ... _gs_ds.pdf
You can see that Toyo T1-R was surpassed.
What do you think of this, your imput is highly regarded.
Please give me pro's and con's regarding all this.
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Well Guillermo, another great detailed explanation from you, many thanks.
After consideration, i will stay with 14" and go with either the toyo's or yoko's. (haven't talked to Carl yet)
Again, thank you for your time.
Almost decided on T1-R's but want an opinion on Falken ZE-512 in size
185-60-14. The price on those is really low, but are they good ???
Also my tire vendor suggested some Nokian NRHi 185-60-14 said that it is an overall good balance tire comfort-grip and longevity.
Your toughts please.
Finally the new tires are on. Nokian NRHI 185-60-14.
Got 50 milles on them so far and love it, they are still not broken in and not at the same level that the ES-100 for grip but so smooooooooth, my back loves them already.
Thank G. for the tips.
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