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All-season tire performance?

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I just bought a new set of all-weather Federals, after finally getting around to replacing the originals at 59K. My 2001 Insight seems to be working harder & mileage doesn't seem as good. I'm happy with my 61 LMPG & want to keep that or improve. Is this performance typical of all-weather tires? What's the best bet on new tires? I've seen a number of posts recommending Sumitomos. NOTE: Just had a 60K maintenance check-up & wonder if there might be issues related to what service techs might have done or not done.
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sumi's will cost you 8-10 mpg compared to the oem bridgestones. however... they are an all-weather tire. the oems are considered lousy on anything but hard, dry roads. and not to good under those conditions either. but they are the lowest rolling resistance tires out there.

that being said (typed?), i am getting 70 mpg with my sumi's pumped up to 50 psi. they are rated at 51, so no problems there. the oems are rated at 44 psi, so 50 is a bit high, but lots of folks run them that way.

i would imagine the federals are hitting your mpgs kinda hard.

andy g.
b5: i realize some folks have had no issues with the oem tires. i personally have never driven on them, as they were shot when i bought my insight. however, the guy i bought mine from assured me they were terrible. at least from his point of view. in fact, he wore out the set of oems on his second insight and replaced them with something else. also, check out the user reviews on thats where i got my sumitomos. couldnt find anything suitable locally.

not trying to say that you are wrong here, just that i have not heard much good about the oems. :) i would never "dis" an opinion. they are too subjective.

andy g.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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