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All-season tire performance?

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I just bought a new set of all-weather Federals, after finally getting around to replacing the originals at 59K. My 2001 Insight seems to be working harder & mileage doesn't seem as good. I'm happy with my 61 LMPG & want to keep that or improve. Is this performance typical of all-weather tires? What's the best bet on new tires? I've seen a number of posts recommending Sumitomos. NOTE: Just had a 60K maintenance check-up & wonder if there might be issues related to what service techs might have done or not done.
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Just so we're all on the same page here, the Sumitomo 200 that is specified as a LRR tire and that some folks here use is listed by Tire Rack as a summer tire, correct?

I agree that the RE92, at least in my brief experience, is not an "all-weather" tire, being more or less diabolical in the rain, but it is also not, nor is the Sumi, an "all-season" tire.

I'm still looking for an actual user of an all-season tire to make a recommendation, especially for use in occasionally snowy conditions. Anyone use the Conti CH95, available in 185/60? TIA - Pat
Yup, Tire Rack does give the diameter and the revs per mile figure for their tires. I agree that this info is necessary for knowing if the tire that you're considering will fit under the fenders, and if the speedo and odometer will be fairly accurate.

Sadly, you can't judge ride comfort, noise levels, and grip/stability in bad conditions from anything on any tire dealer's site. So I'm still hoping for that info from any users of replacement all-season tires. Mpg info, while a secondary concern, would also be helpful. - Pat
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