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So, I've been re-devouring all the EGR Valve threads and read with great interest the info on possible alternatives to our way-too-expensive replacement. I just have one concern, and that is with the shape of the "mouth" port on the bottom of the valve.

Ours is a rectangular looking hole, and pictures I see of the Accord/Acura ones are all "smiley-faced." Does anyone have a worry about buildup or, I don't know, anything going on where that mismatch is?

Of course, I'm hoping not, because the price is soooooo nice! But, I guess I'd rather go to autozone and get the limited lifetime warranty one, or the one from RockAuto that is a little cheaper, but only a 3 yr warranty, if I could be causing some greater problem down the road.

Heck, I've even thought about using a dremel to reshape the smiley into a bit more of a rectangle, but i'm not sure that would line all the way up.

Anyway! Just thought I'd ask something of the big brains on here! Thanks in advance!

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