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An obituary: #3557 2000-2023

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Just got back from the hospital. Lost #3557 in a spinout this morning along Hwy 90 heading into Downtown San Antonio at 6AM. Can't tell from the dashcam if I was nudged from the rear or just had really bad traction, but the car just spun out in the rain and was hit by other cars in the process before finally impacting the center divider.

Had some great times with this G1, as it replaced my first ever Silver G1 back in 2014 from a rear end collision. At 537K miles it still had plenty of life in her. It just got repaired from a minor rear end collision a week before, got some fresh rubber on it, and got a nice little tune up in the process.

Anyhow, although I know I can find another, I was really hoping to keep her going to a million. She was incredibly reliable for me and was a faithful companion in my life. I gotta give it to Honda, the G1's body can take a serious beating. My first G1 took an 80MPH hit from the rear while I was stopped in traffic, and this G1 was hit by three different cars which eventually slammed me into the concrete divider.

When insurance finally comes around to give me the bad news, I'd love to know if anyone out there has some space in TX for me to part her out, as I live in an apartment without any reasonable way to farm out whats good. The car is otherwise intact from the quarter panels going forward. I'd love to at least salvage what I can and pass on some parts to whoever can help me get her scrapped properly. A proper front end for the @CherryBomb, a rebuilt transmission, a running engine, a Bumblebee Beemax maybe, some wheels, great glass, the list goes on.

Anyhow, I don't currently have pictures of the carnage, but let's remember the great times I had with it.


Buying her back in November 2014 after losing my first silver G1.

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Pikes Peak 2021 after Scott and Isaac prepped my road warrior.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle
Sky Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

Zion National Park, 2021

Automotive parking light Sky Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Plant Mountain

Starting over again in San Antonio, TX, 2022

Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Automotive lighting Plant

R.I.P. "Techno Berry" :(
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I hope you're okay @Tekuno Ichigo. 500K miles, wow that's a loss for sure.
It was definitely a milestone considering the previous owner took 14 years to make it to 250K, and I doubled her distance in half the time it took her.

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My condolences. You gave her a great life and she will always be remembered. She took care of you in her last moment.

I am too far to help with the part out but maybe you can get a storage space and save it at least until you get a replacement. If you are not in the city it can be inexpensive. I have paid $20/month and lately $15/month to park a small parts car in a fenced lot. $180 to $240 to keep it a year to have access to the parts you need for yourself and time to pull/sell what you don't need.

Just awesome that you got it to 537 K miles.
I'll have to keep this in mind. I really want to save what I can and scrap the rest. Just sucks this happened at a time when I'm still transitioning and adjusting to a new place with very little in the way of connections, much less fellow Insighters. It still has some great life left in the sum of its parts.

Alternatively, I could just sell it back to insurance and just let everyone know where it's headed. Or load it in a UHaul and sell it to someone else.

Thanks for the heads up on the storage thing. I'll ask around and see what the folks say.
Glad you're ok(well, at least as much as you can be) after the accident.

But I gotta ask. Pics? That car must look gnarly after an accident like that.
Unfortunately my phone got launched into the ether until it was found after it was towed away.

but based on the drivecam, you can probably use your imagination on how bad the rear looks. Here’s a photo of my first G1 for reference, as the damage is virtually identical.

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

from the11/18/2014

and video of todays loss:
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Sorry for your loss. Did #3557 have a name?
funny you ask. I had a Japanese friend who saw me in the G1 and he exclaimed “TEKUNO Ichigo!”which loosely translates to Techno Strawberry. Hence my handle here lol
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So sorry to hear about it. Hope you are okay. If it's all right, I'm interested in whether you're selling any parts. Looking for a passenger side roof pillar/trim. I'll send you a PM. Thanks and good luck.
if they total it I’ll have a pair of red ones. I have silver ones ready to go if that’s more your speed. Shoot me a PM and let’s chat.
Wow that's powerful vid glad you guys are ok - it's just metal - welp nope aluminum,,,,, they are special but again could have been so much worse... it's my worse nightmare - they are small and fragile I worry some for me and my car,

I want to offer one piece of advice on this situation --- these cars like to "skate" as in the water cuz they are so damn light --- BUT, they also have that dreaded narrower rear track - generally the cars front wheels plow a path for the rear to settle --- not with the G-1's in fact they are lethal that way, the rear is much lighter and it's tires are half exposed to fresh water, good rubber on these cars are a must, also - I made 1" wheel spacers for my rear wheels and kicked them both out picked up two inches of track - the car is "almost normal" way less squirrely in the slush and i do have a little more confidence with the rear in the rain,

You "swapped ends" in that vid --- your *** end hydroplaned... glad U two are ok.
That's what I believe may have happened. It felt like the car suddenly dipped and lifted. These cars get pretty wild in the wet, and I've usually recovered from them the minute I feel any funny business in the steering wheel. I have had great luck with RE92s but after this incident I wonder if it makes sense for me to take the MPG hit and switch to something more stable slippery conditions.

On the next G1 I get, I will definitely find ways keep the rear from doing what happened here. Still amazes me how quickly this went sideways, even at such a relatively low speed on the highway given the road conditions. I'm almost tempted to even make a slightly wider skirt for the rear to square the rear wheels to each other. Are you using 25mm spacers per wheel in the rear?
Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you're okay though and your passenger too! I'm sure you'll find another.

When in 2021 did you go up Pikes Peak? I took mine up there in September.
Ah we just missed each other by 2 months! I was there in July of 2021. I wish they allowed us to go all the way up the peak but at the time they were still constructing the visitor center.
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^^ Did you get to drink the potable water in the bathroom? :D

I was pretty much in 1st gear the entire time of the drive up....and down. Hehe
I spun out my 98 Acura CL 3.0 on the I-85 on ramp about 5 years ago... conditions were hot day (so the asphalt was adding some oil to the road), + rain + ramp was very smooth due to wear. When I stopped I was facing the guy behind me on the ramp. Thankfully was only going about 15-20mph and nobody touched and we all drove away with nothing but a little embarrassment.
That was the outcome I was hoping for but clearly was the total opposite for me. Either way, glad you and I made it out!
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Does this happen to be the car that the core support in my car came from?
Yep! Are you superstitious? Hehe
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@Tekuno Ichigo very sorry to hear about your rather shocking incident. I hope I hear that you both recover completely. Thank you for sharing this. In the video there is no puddled water that I can see, nor does it look to be raining very hard. Have you looked into causes other than hydroplaning? I sure wish I had a place for #3557 so you could take your time in the process, but I am usually in AZ these days. I hope that someone in San Antonio area steps up. Hopefully you will keep us posted.
Another guess is I may have experienced an early tire failure or even a catastrophic wheel something of that nature. The right rear wheel was obliterated in the crash so it's hard to say. HWY 90 going towards downtown is pretty rough before I-10, especially after the storms we've had and the cold weather that's created more potholes than usual.

I have 50 acres near Bryan, Tx. We could work a deal maybe. I will be in San Antonio tomorrow at a conference(driving my 2000). You can text me at 979-224-0062.
I'll be in touch with ya later this evening if that's okay. Right now another member and I are trying to work out logistics but he's in another state. Plan is to revive another car using the good parts from mine, but I'll see what we can do to work things out so I can revive other Insights with what I have to give.
Sorry to hear about the G1. I have stripped most of my cvt G1 but if you need a donor rear body, i have one if you want to take ownership. Maybe you want to go through a body shop to use my back end. This vehicle is free for your taking. You will need to come get it if interested. Oh, im in Texas a near louisiana border. Mooncar
Very generous offer but my current living situation isn't well suited to take on a project like that at the moment. If I had more space and time to do it I would definitely consider it. Thanks!
Wow, so glad you both are okay... That video turned scary so quickly and is a good reminder for me to refresh tires next rainy season 😞
You did it well, 500k is a real accomplishment most cars never dream of. Time for the next color?
Looking at maybe a Citrus or a Monte Carlo Blue but beggars can't be choosers at this point, lol.

Makes me wonder if the RE92s I put in the back were "new but old". PSA: check those dates of manufacture, and inspect your wheels!
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I'm glad you're okay, sorry for your loss. I hope it doesn't take too long to find a new one. Do you have another means of transportation in the meantime?

I put 32mm spacers on mine back in September. I don't know if they would prevent an accident like this but the car feels more stable. I don't have skirts, so I didn't have to modify them. Another forum member modified their skirts by heating them up but didn't give details!


If you get a chance see if you can still find the date on the tire that blew up. I suspected it maybe sitting on the side of highway 90 somewhere though.

The timing of your conversation in that video is crazy. "You get bored, You're imagination runs rampant, and then... Oh $#!7“
Thanks for the kind words. I finally got my rental this afternoon so I'll drive across town to check out the damage and collect some belongings.

More stability the better as long as I can maintain the factory wheels and tires. Besides, stance makes the ladies dance, right? I'd widen out the skirts a bit if I had to as well. Don't want anyone to experience the same carnage I did.

Great catch on the conversation. I didn't even realize. The tire should still be on the obliterated rim still so I'll check it out tomorrow when I finally get to CoPart to take pictures.
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Wow you did the canyon drive with that car? So cool haha
Yeah it was a great time and got some guilt free regen in the process. It definitely held its own in the curves.
@Zoooms used to canyon carve his insight. Used to. It's now sitting in my backyard with the engine stuffed into the firewall xD.
Ouch. That had to hurt.
Update folks:

here’s pictures of the carnage. Still starts and runs, but with any rear impact the gas gauge now reads zero with a quarter tank of fuel still in it. Rear tires were dated 4019 so about three years old when I bought them, mounted them, and stored them away for future use.

im going to venture I slipped on something I didn’t see and did the MarioKart motion from right to left.

currently sitting at copart while I get insurance to chime in. Hopefully this gets resolved soon so I can jump in the seat of another car.

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^^ is that Captain Morgan?
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^^ Nice R32, Keiichi. :p
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