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Another brand of 0w20 oil

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"SAE 0W20
This new generation synthetic oil is an ultra light racing fluid formulated to reduce viscous drag, maintain oil pressure and provide the protection of high viscosity oils. Through many hours of laboratory, dynamometer and track testing we have designed a product that increases horsepower without any compromises. Dyno tests have shown a decisive 1% increase in horsepower over our own 5W30 which has been the most proven horsepower producing oil in many forms of professional racing. This 1% increase actually translates to a 4% increase over conventional motor oils. Recommended for Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle, NASTRUCK and NASCAR type engines. Also recommended for street operated passenger cars, mini trucks, SUV's, import high performance or any high RPM light duty street application. Not recommended for long haul towing in pickups or motorhomes."

I'll stick with Mobil 1. Just thought I'd pass this along.