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Another dealer story

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Well, another dealer story, although a minor one.

I've been going to the same dealer since I bought my Insight, and I've been generally pleased with them, but the tire inflation issue is starting to get to me. I went in for a routine oil change and checkup and when I got it back the little check list said the tires were set to 32 psi per factory specs. I questioned the service dude right away and asked if he's ever looked at the door jam where it says 38 and 35. He seemed a little surprised by that so I offered to point it out to him. I then ranted a bit about keeping the techs aware of what kind of a car they are working on, making sure my voice was raised enough so other service managers could hear. If something like that gets by them, something I can check easily, what things are getting by that I can't check so easily. He offered to pump them correctly, but I normally keep mine at 42 and 38 anyway so I said I'd just take care of it at home.
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Never had good service

I have never taken my Insight to the dealer without having to take it back once or twice, or even three times for the same problem. I recently had the splash shield and the left air dam replaced, not only did they not screw it on AT ALL and zip tied it instead, it fell off on the CA 14 Freeway in rush hour traffic like you only see when their is a major accident (and their was). They replaced the parts for free and screwed it on this time, only they forgot to put the new splash shield on. The story goes on and on….

I wanted to replace the side view mirrors; just the mirrors and they told me the door would have to be taken apart. I pulled the mirror off and pushed the new ones in and it took all but two minutes to do both.

I could go on for pages… But with all this said their is still a benefit to going to the dealership… the warranty and the salesman’s embarrassment over his associates inabilities to fix the same cars they sell.
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