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Another dealer story

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Well, another dealer story, although a minor one.

I've been going to the same dealer since I bought my Insight, and I've been generally pleased with them, but the tire inflation issue is starting to get to me. I went in for a routine oil change and checkup and when I got it back the little check list said the tires were set to 32 psi per factory specs. I questioned the service dude right away and asked if he's ever looked at the door jam where it says 38 and 35. He seemed a little surprised by that so I offered to point it out to him. I then ranted a bit about keeping the techs aware of what kind of a car they are working on, making sure my voice was raised enough so other service managers could hear. If something like that gets by them, something I can check easily, what things are getting by that I can't check so easily. He offered to pump them correctly, but I normally keep mine at 42 and 38 anyway so I said I'd just take care of it at home.
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That's the way, all right

Yep, Tiger's got it pegged, all right.
The actual techs are also paid on what's known as a 'flat rate' scale, which basicly means that the Honda folks have a book (document, whatever) that states an amount of 'time' the tech gets paid for every item on your car. Just for figurtive example, say the Honda book says "for a Civic major service, Joe Tech will be paid 1.4 hours" (that's one point four). If Joe can 'beat the book', he 'makes a profit'. The pay scale was intended to be an incentive to be productive, but the times they paid me by were frequently way non-realistic. Because if it takes Joe longer than that 1.4 hours, so sorry, thats only what Joe gets paid!

Additionally, this puts self imposed pressure on the tech to get through each job as fast as possible, while doing the job correctly. Comebacks are always done for free on the pay scale. :cry: So some guys do tend to get kinda sloppy with hardware going back, and crooked ones will try to screw you over. But the good ones are gems. Treasure them.
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