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In my home state, and likely in most others, auto insurance providers offer premium discounts for various things that lower the risk of events that could lead to a claim. There’s a 5% discount for driving less than 7,500 miles in a year. The discount for driving less than 5,000 miles is 10%.

Since becoming a 3.5 season LEV commuter, I assumed that it would be easy to qualify for the 5% discount. However, doing the math for the estimates, I knew I’d be cutting it close for the 10% discount mileage goal.

Without making any conscious effort to reach this goal over the course of the last year, I filled out the low mileage discount application form, and found that I’d met the requirement for the 10% discount, or so I thought.
The insurance company adjusted the mileage based on the difference in the dates the respective odometer readings were recorded (350 days apart). Using their formula, I would be just over 5,000. :?
Since getting a cargo trailer for my LEV, the number of local trips in the Insight has been significantly reduced, and I estimated that next year’s mileage should be in the order of 4,300 miles.
I checked the last tank fill mileage record and found that the date would make the basis 363 days…very close to a full year. Doing all the numbers and applying the insurance company’s pro-rating formula, the result was 4,982 miles in the past year. The difference from the 5,000 mile limit turned out to be less than one day’s commute!

Why so much fuss about a $30 savings?
When the annual fuel cost is only $165.00, it’s a matter of principle, especially when the insurance premium is 4 times that amount :!:

I realize that many Insight owners chose this amazing vehicle to save on fuel costs with their long distance driving.
I'm planning to keep my Insight for the rest of my days, and hopefully, to pass it on to the next generation in relatively good condition.
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