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another insight owner

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so i was driving to the grocery store and when i pulled into the parking lot i was driving to the back of the lot (so my insight wouldn't be hurt by carts) and after i passed the huge ford explorer i noticed a green insight behind it. so i knew i had to park beside it. i ran in and got what i needed and waited in my car for them to come out. when he came out he noticed my insight and we talked for a bit and exchanged info about our mpg's.

this was a really pointless story, but it was my first time meeting another insight owner, so i was happy. :)
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I saw a new (meaning I had never seen them before) silver Insight in San Diego yesterday. I was in my parents van pulling the family around, and the Insight came up on the left, so I let them come up, and when i looked over, it was some older people dressed in mardis gras type costumes! :shock:
very scary. then my brother said "they kinda look like men!"

my exit was next *phew*

also, I've noticed that EVERY Prius I've seen (more than 20 probably) are *all* older drivers
not that I have a problem with the elderly, but they never look at me when I want to race them! :D
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