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another insight owner

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so i was driving to the grocery store and when i pulled into the parking lot i was driving to the back of the lot (so my insight wouldn't be hurt by carts) and after i passed the huge ford explorer i noticed a green insight behind it. so i knew i had to park beside it. i ran in and got what i needed and waited in my car for them to come out. when he came out he noticed my insight and we talked for a bit and exchanged info about our mpg's.

this was a really pointless story, but it was my first time meeting another insight owner, so i was happy. :)
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Had a simialr experience. I went in to my college's registration area with my fiancee as she had to drop a class and it was about evening, close to closing time, and when we came out, parked 2 cars down from mine was a dark blue insight. My fiancee didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. First insight I've seen in Boca other than the dealerships. I went back into the registration office but there were only a few people around and I'd feet awkward asking everybody if it was theres, so I didn't. My fiancee was rushing me and didn't care too much that I'd actually encountered another insight. I did a quick walk around before I left, it appeared older/more used than mine, maybe a 00' or '01 or something. That means to them I'm the new guy in town w/ one, hehe. I think I want to keep a few cards in my car that say something like "Join, I'm in the forum's username glitch" or something to that effect.
I was on vacation in west virginia (used my fiancee's '99 beetle) but I saw a yellow insight in charleston, wv. Down by where they call quarter G which is more accurately known on the maps as "Corridor G". There was an elderly gentleman behind the wheel. Was that anybody here? Was anybody here in Corridor G in Charleston, WV around the super walmart at the beginning of this June, when they had that huge power outtage.

It interested me because WV has a lot of very harsh driving conditions, Constant hills, up and down, steep mountain climbs, off road terrain, etc. it's gotta be a very tough place on your car. I wondered how that insight handled that kind of terrain.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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