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another insight owner

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so i was driving to the grocery store and when i pulled into the parking lot i was driving to the back of the lot (so my insight wouldn't be hurt by carts) and after i passed the huge ford explorer i noticed a green insight behind it. so i knew i had to park beside it. i ran in and got what i needed and waited in my car for them to come out. when he came out he noticed my insight and we talked for a bit and exchanged info about our mpg's.

this was a really pointless story, but it was my first time meeting another insight owner, so i was happy. :)
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Most people just don't care. There are numerous hybrids spread around the Phoenix area so I see them from time to time. There are two others (used to be three) that park in the same huge parking lot at ASU where I go to school, one's sebring silver and the other's red like mine. I came out one day and found the other red one parked next to mine. A note on her window was followed by an email, I also ran in to her one day while parking and had some conversing over our cars. I haven't met the guy who has the silver one but I heard he was a punk. And there is a new Red one that showed up in one of the faculty parking lots. ASU is at least 4 Insight's strong though there may be more in the numerous parking garages.

Lets see, saw a silver one on the road while comming home today, old guy, wouldn't look over, I sped up to get in his view and then hit my brakes slightly hoping he'd notice it, nothing. A few weeks before that I turned at an intersection and had a blue one fly by me as I was accelerating. I sped up to get next to it, some woman glued to her cell phone who wouldn't even give a glance upon repeated attempts. Some of these people need to have their cars reposessed.

As far as Prius's, I usually will see one every week or two on my commute across town to school. Of course naturally I make every attempt possible to pass them at full motor assist.

But the best Insight accidental meeting was at the Arizona Mill's mall. I was driving around the mall's outer circle trying to figure out which entrance was closest to the stores I needed to go to and out of the corner of my eye I noticed another Red Insight parked there way out at the end of the parking lot away from all other cars. Of course I knew where I was parking. As I got out of the car I noticed a woman in her SUV galking as she drove by. Well, I wasn't about to wait around till the guy came out or anything, I just figured I'd let him see my car was next to his end of story. Well, I did my shopping and came back out to find him sitting in his car. I walked up, put my clothes in the back of my car, got in rolled down the windows, he got off his phone, and I said "nice car"

Well it went from there, we exchanged mileage figures and such. To make a long story short we now email eachother from time to time. I followed him out of the mall for a bit, hehe.
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