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another insight owner

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so i was driving to the grocery store and when i pulled into the parking lot i was driving to the back of the lot (so my insight wouldn't be hurt by carts) and after i passed the huge ford explorer i noticed a green insight behind it. so i knew i had to park beside it. i ran in and got what i needed and waited in my car for them to come out. when he came out he noticed my insight and we talked for a bit and exchanged info about our mpg's.

this was a really pointless story, but it was my first time meeting another insight owner, so i was happy. :)
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Tim Maddux said:
All the Prius owners I see in my area are elderly and don't seem to notice me waving, so I've given up on them.
You too huh?

I haven't actually met another owner in person but have driven by some. The other day I was heading back from SF and pulled up next to another Silver Insight near the Golden Gate Bridge, we kept up with each other (not racing of course :wink: ) till he exited in Marin.
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