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another insight owner

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so i was driving to the grocery store and when i pulled into the parking lot i was driving to the back of the lot (so my insight wouldn't be hurt by carts) and after i passed the huge ford explorer i noticed a green insight behind it. so i knew i had to park beside it. i ran in and got what i needed and waited in my car for them to come out. when he came out he noticed my insight and we talked for a bit and exchanged info about our mpg's.

this was a really pointless story, but it was my first time meeting another insight owner, so i was happy. :)
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I enjoy meeting other Insight owners, and will always give them a wave. All the Prius owners I see in my area are elderly and don't seem to notice me waving, so I've given up on them.

The info cards on the main site have been real helpful for me in dealing with people's questions. I print out a set of the double-sided cards and go through about 10 of them in a month... sometimes people are worried I'm trying to sell them something when I hand them the card though :roll: ... erial.html
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