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I closed on the target car, a nice, silver, straight 2001 with a very flakey battery pack. It has 210,000 miles. Wrong tires :mad: At $2700, it was a couple hundred over my target, but it was the best I could do. The guy is in the car business and is fairly savy. I'm not convinced that the pack is beyond saving with in-car reconditioning, and I have a second grid charger harness on order.

When I pick it up tomorrow, I want to avoid an IMA start, it just might be the start that kills the battery, so plan to shut off the switch and do a 12 volt start.

I guess my first question is what to do immediately to have best chance of salvaging some battery life. I assume I want to do a couple of pack whacks and then wait for my grid charger harness. I plan to baby the battery by installing the calpods mod right away and keep out of assist entirely until I can recondition. Just looking for the best plan. ELI - Help:D

BTW, least anyone take offense, this is not the object of my extreem gutting/IMA elimination approach. Too good a car to trash when they are becoming more rare.

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