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This is really promising (I do not own one so YMMV):

These round LCDs are 240x240 though obviously anything outside the circle won't be displayed. What is really cool about this one is that the microcontroller is built in. I could see a 3D-printed cover for this so that you could put it in a number of places. It accepts 0.05" center header pins which you can find on Amazon as well as 0.05" breadboard if you wanted to, say, add electronics so that you could plug it into the car's OBD2 port and, say, make a cool little lean burn indicator. Perhaps make it talk to a Bluetooth module and communicate with a Bluetooth OBD2 reader? and then a tiny DC-DC and 3D print a case that replaces the triangular piece covering the door opposite where the mirror attaches; power it from 12V in the door. Heck, make it a BLE module, put your phone close to the mirror, have it control a relay that unlocks the door.
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